Need Help Lesson Planning? 

Lesson planning is time-consuming . . .  and creating digital lessons can be even more overwhelming. 
But our friends at Microsoft have put together this amazing eBook that shows you 9 practical ways to make it easier. 
And, for a limited time, it's yours for free! 
Learn how to use this amazing tool to transform your lesson plans to help create more dynamic, effective lessons.

Create interactive lessons with a few clicks

Dynamic lessons are just a few clicks away.  An easy-to-use interface allows teachers to quickly create engaging lessons for students.  From embedding audio, to creating visual elements, you can create effective lessons that differentiate instruction with ease.

Collaborate and build with ease 

Creating lesson plans has never been easier.  Collaborate with other educators to create your best lesson plans yet.  It's easy to work together, share ideas and lessons, and give your students engaging interactive lessons they will be excited about. 

About Microsoft OneNote 

Discover tips on helpful ways to refresh your lessons, manage class assignments, make quick work of daily tasks, and share information with colleague, students and parents. Microsoft OneNote helps organize class lessons, web articles, videos, and other multimedia class content in one convenient application.