6 Fun Printables
For Your Classroom - Bundle 4


SimpleK12 is excited to enter into a partnership with TeacherSherpa to bring you some really interesting, fun, cool, and very useful printables.
Grab just the one you want or grab all 6.  It's your choice!  They're all FREE.
You'll find some great free downloads for use with all Grades in Math, English, Science, Social Studies, SEL, and Problem Solving.
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Look What's Inside This Bundle...

Bundle 4 contains a variety of downloadable printables from TeacherSherpa that have received a bunch of "Smiles" as feedback from other teachers.  So these printables will be perfect for your classroom.

Printables Provided by:

Teacher Sherpa is a company that provides unlimited access to 
thousands of teacher-created materials and an all-in-one design 
tool preloaded with royalty free clipart, fonts, & more to create 
your own materials.