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"Top 7 Virtual Field Trips"

This is a great classroom way to let the kids visit many different places and see different cultures.

Dawn Dunaway, Special Education Teacher at Union County High School

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What Your Fellow Teachers Are Saying:

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    Sarah Williams

    Elementary School Teacher at Crossroads Christian Schools

    I love the idea of virtual field trips, especially in a time where travel time and money are short for most families. This is a great resource to get teachers thinking about virtual tours they can use in their classrooms and get them started on their search for others.

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    Rhesa Leiding

    Social Studies Middle School Teacher at Hamburg Community School District

    As a Social Studies teacher, I find this resource especially useful. Can't wait to give some of these a try with my students.

  • Roxane Dyk

    Curriculum Specialist at Andes Central School District

    Already printed and had my daughter use it in her classes. Also shared the sites with her teachers!

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